Why I Write by George Orwell

A Genius, unannounced

Curious Book Reviewer says:

It is easy to fall in love with Orwell’s writing.

He is honest, down to earth and witty all compacted into a slim profile. His pet topics are mostly┬áabout the world’s injustices, politics and language. Here in this adorable Penguin Classics book, he writes about how language shapes a person’s thinking.

The┬áfamous quote in front of the book brands our hearts because it’s sharp and truthful.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Though he is as seasoned a writer as can ever be, he shrugs off the honour like a dirty old coat, bringing focus to the written word and none of his own accomplishments. It’s easy to fall in love with his writing, but a lot easier to fall in love with the man himself!

Pick up this book if: ┬áYou’re an aspiring writer and looking for a timeless mentor.



Book’s official synopsis:

Whether puncturing the lies of politicians, wittily dissecting the English character or telling unpalatable truths about war, Orwell’s timeless, uncompromising essays are more relevant, entertaining and essential than ever in today’s era of spin.



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