The Sea Close By – Albert Camus

A bloaty read 🐡

Curious Book-Bite Reviewer says:

This wee little book of 24 pages was a bloaty read 🐡 (meaning full of philosophical ideas tied in with the sea, making me a bit seasick 🐟)

I’ve only ever read The Plague by Albert Camus and it was kinda dark so I thought this was a slightly refreshing change 🐋

I enjoyed the sea descriptions very much though, when he doesn’t bring in the overly heavy thinking part in 😸

👙 It’s a book of a thought-invoking summer 🌴 aka “philoso-sea”, but it still has that depressing edge, so don’t go reading it on a holiday 😹🍃 🌊



Book’s official synopsis:

Part of the Penguin Classics campaign celebrating 100 years of Albert Camus, A Sea Close By reveals the writer as a sensual witness of landscapes, the sea and sailing. It is a light, summery day-dream.

Accompanying The Sea Close By is the essay Summer in Algiers, a lovesong to his Mediterranean childhood.


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