Wild Nights! by Joyce Carol Oates

Completely wild! ✨

Curious Book Reviewer says:

Hi, I’ve just finished this book (#2)for school 🎓 for Topics in American Literature and I loved it a lot.

Joyce Carol Oates is magic! 🔮

In this book, she goes into the hearts and heads of all 5 timeless writers: Hemingway, Dickinson, Clemens, Poe and James.

She creates new, modern and uncanny stories of what’s it like being these authors. It’s so eerily accurate 🙀 (reincarnation almost) Especially Edgar Allen Poe’s firsthand story on his bizarre yet subtle madness  👻 His ghost hath returned!!

Emily Dickinson’s fable-story was an eye-opening sci fi plot mixed in with the 18th century: A family buys a replica of Emily as a robot 🤖 (supposedly infused with her Essence) and gets into nasty trouble when Emily isn’t all they expected her to be….

My personal favourites were Edgar, Emily and Samuel Clemens. Really sent chills down my spine. I didn’t give it full marks because I felt that the Hemingway account could’ve been made into something else more interesting. Nevertheless, JCO did an excellent job ghosting these classic writers themselves. How fun! ❤ 🎤🎆



Book’s official synopsis:

Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”), Henry James, Ernest Hemingway—Joyce Carol Oates evokes each of these American literary icons in her newest work of prose fiction, poignantly and audaciously reinventing the climactic events of their lives. In subtly nuanced language suggestive of each of these writers, Oates explores the mysterious regions of the unknowable self that is “genius”—for Edgar Allan Poe, a belated encounter with bizarre life‑forms utterly alien to the poet’s exalted Romantic aesthetics; for Emily Dickinson, resurrected in the twenty-first century in a “distilled” state, a belated encounter with blundering humanity and brute passion of a kind excluded from the poet’s verse; for the elderly, renowned Samuel Clemens, a belated encounter with impassioned innocence, in the form of “the little girl who loves you”; for Henry James, an aging volunteer in a London hospital during World War I, a belated encounter with the physicality of desire and the raw yearning of love long absent from the master’s fiction; and, for Ernest Hemingway, the most tragic of these figures, a belated encounter with the “profound mysteries of the world outside him, and the profound mysteries of the world inside him.”

Wild Nights! is Joyce Carol Oates’s most original and haunting work of the imagination, a writer’s memoirist work in the form of fiction.



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