How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing by Michel de Montaigne 

Curious book reviewer says: I guess I should’ve expected to find a little more than just funny and witty anecdotes when I picked this up 😬 He’s Michel de Montaigne! 🏅


This little black book contains wisdom and stuff our Civics and Moral education teacher🕴didn’t tell us much about! 

🐢 On the duality of our emotions (sad and happy at the same time)

“That is why we can see that not only children 👫👬👭, who artlessly follow Nature, often weep and laugh at the same thing, but that not one of us either can boast that, no matter how much he may want to set out on a journey 🛩, he still does not feel his heart a-tremble when he says goodbye to family and friends.” – p.3


A meaningful and deeply thoughtful read by a philosopher who spent most of his life trying to reconcile the mind with the body…🌥👌🏻✨ and the art of living in both your body (presently) and your mind (rationally).


“I want us to be doing things, prolonging life’s duties as much as we can; I want death to find me planting my cabbages 🌳🌳🌳, neither worrying about it nor the unfinished gardening…” – p.42


A tiny bit too melancholic for me albeit filled with nuggets of wisdom 😳


Book’s official synopsis:

‘No one characteristic clasps us purely and universally in its embrace.’

A selection of charming essays from a master of the genre exploring the contradictions inherent to human thought, words and actions.


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