Enchanted Islands by Allison Amend

“Even large worlds have small islands,” I responded. “I prefer to say ‘see you’. You never know.” p.242



I think the story wasn’t what I expected it to be at first; I thought it was about magical islands and strange creatures! 🐡🐠🐛🦄


It turned out to be a part historical fiction of the WWII mixed with a sprinkle of imagination. Frances Frankowski and Rosalie Mendal are two peas ✌🏻️ in a pod! Inseparable, that is, until Rosalie betrays Frances. Devastated, Frances flees, and that’s when the real living starts for her, who is used to being invisible.


Frances escapes to Nebraska to create a new life, and meets this agent. Charming, funny, hardworking and intelligent, there’s nothing not to like! But there’s something about him she doesn’t know yet.


Frances undoubtedly falls for him and sets herself up for a lifetime of adventure ✨ when they become a pair of unassuming spies 🕴🕴 on the Galapagos islands 🌊 in Ecuador for the US military. 


A story of realism, hope deferred, love, magic and friendship 💕 


Curiosity level: 😿 (moving) 

Good reads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26192488-enchanted-islands?from_search=true


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