Why I Look at Animals by John Berger 

2.9/5 🐗🐥
Curiosity level: 🐱

“Now that they have gone / it is their endurance we miss. Unlike the tree / the river or the cloud / the animals had eyes / and in their glance / was permanence.” p. 78 


1️⃣ I read this en route to Bali, Ubud. The country has rich livestock 🐂🐏 so I thought this book is a pretty apt read 🙈 

2️⃣ John Bergen is a philosophical writer who tries to communicate mystic and deep ideas 🌪 about the world using natural and tangible examples: Ape Theatre (Man and Monkey ties?), White Bird (Art’s purpose), Field (Life is as wide as your field of perspective) 🌱 

3️⃣ As much as I feel that his analogies like fields and ape theatres are interesting, there is a painful gap between the spiritual and physical that is never fully bridged for me, 🛤 in his essays. 

4️⃣ I’m left to puzzle out my thoughts but I abandon it because the philosophical jumps make me feel like I’m Alice, searching for the right door 🚪with a key 🔑 – it’s confusing. 

5️⃣ Nevertheless! You may like this book, if you enjoy musing over 💭 complex philosophical puzzles 👾 This one isn’t my cup of tea 🍵

Good reads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6771667-why-look-at-animals?from_search=true 


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