A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

“It was a star,” Mrs. Whatsit said sadly. “A star giving up its life in battle with the Thing. It won, oh yes, it won. But it lost its life in the winning.” – p.87

Curious book reviewer: 3/5

My bite-sized review: My insanely high expectations for the book sorta killed it for me 😦 I know it’s unfair for a book this beloved; but I’ve got my reasons, I’ll explain later!✌🏻️

It’s practically the brain-child for all our dystopian novels that we read today (the hunger games, divergent), mixed with the sci-fi TV series #netflix Stranger Things 👾 a story about time travelling and how we perceive life on earth now having “lived” in multiple other planets. 

I chose the starting quote precisely because I felt the novel highlights the theme of sacrificial love in the backdrop of all the science crazies. They were all so giving and loving in their own odd & special ways! Meg, our protagonist, loves with her weaknesses. Charles, her Brother, loves with his intellect.

The length of the book was too short for a plot this rich. So much more could’ve been expanded on the three Mrs. Ws, Aunt Beast (lol), tesseract and Calvin. I know she has written book sequels but reading this book doesn’t really inspire me to pick up the other 4 books 🤔

I have to say though, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it a ton more if I read it when I was between 12-14 years old.

A book on how being oddballs is okay, the limitless length of love ❤️ and loyalty in the midst of science madnesses. A sweet dystopian novel on science, loyalty and time ⌛️

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18131.A_Wrinkle_in_Time?ac=1&from_search=true


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