Scent of a Woman by Giovanni Arpino

“I lost my eyes and a hand for the sake of this rotten country and now you want me to lose my hearing too? Turn off that radio!” p.18

Curious book reviewer: 4.4/5 💋


Fausto is a brash, hot headed man with a fervent love for life nonetheless 🚬. He’s also without his sight and a hand, after fighting in a war ⚔ . Cooped up in his room, he’s angry and irritable. No one can help him, nor do they want to…


Until “Ciccio”, a young soldier, is assigned from military to take care of him 👷🏼. He thinks he’s doing the man a favour, but really, he has no idea what’s going to happen (and who is the one truly getting ‘help’) 📦 His life is about to be changed forever. 


A tale about living life to the fullest, grabbing it by its bloody horns 🎉 and of stubborn, mad love 💘  


I finished this book in one sitting and 💟 it! Fausto is a man set ablaze with an unquenchable fire for life. You can’t sit there unchanged after walking with him through the story. The book almost scorches 🔥 my hands with its passionate characters and sharp, tight storyline! P.s I still don’t get why it’s called “Scent of a Woman”. If you’ve read this book and have any ideas, do share! 😽


Curiosity level: 😻 Satisfied!




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