What Strange Creatures by Emily Arsenault

4/5 👫

“We’re Battles. What chance did we have?” p.140


Theresa and Jeff Battle are under-achieving siblings who are used to disappointment in life. Stuck with apathetic pets and pizza nights, the siblings get by with each other’s company until Jeff [finally] meets Kim, who gives him something to live more fully for. 

But that is before Kim is found dead in a forest – and Jeff becomes the prime suspect. Theresa knows her brother inside out: he isn’t murder material! Or is he? Used to bitter disappointments and misfortunes, Jeff accepts his fate… but not Theresa. She’s going to fight to free her brother. But can she? Especially when she can’t even finish her PhD dissertation on Margery Kempe…? This would prove to be the ultimate ‘Battle’ of their lives.

A literary mystery surrounding a completely intriguing family (and their pets). 

I absolutely loved Theresa Battle, the protagonist. She is an absorbing character with a love for little eccentricities in everyday life. Curious, Catholic and cute, Theresa makes this mystery an unforgettable experience with readers.

Curiosity Level: Fun and exciting!


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